You know hydrocarbons. We know electricity

Oil & Gas Market You know hydrocarbons. We know electricity

Gas and oil companies that have a wide-range of electrical power needs are our favorite. Remote location sites that need on-site generation - to - large motors that need to start and run on a limited capacity line under heavy Utility stipulations are some of the common challenges that our clients face, and this is our specialty.

Your load growth may dictate that you build and own your own electrical substation. Our tools and expertise can get the job done for you and in a special way. With our small company size comes fast results and a closer more personalized communication with you and the vendor manufacturers.

Another specialty we offer during our design and engineering stage is System Modeling. When modeling an electrical system we can then analyze the Design, Load Flow, Coordination, and Motor Starting performance. You need quick, solid answers to the changing landscape of production needs--this will get you down the road faster.

As an added service to our comprehensive skill set we can perform Short Circuit and Arc-Flash analyses to existing and future electrical systems in order to better understand the dangers surrounding all accessible electrical equipment. With rules and safety regulations becoming more abundant, it’s in the best interest of our clients and their workers to stay as safe as they can. With clear and concise Arc-Flash labels and the correct training, safety can be improved in almost any situation.

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About Us

Alliance Consulting Engineers initially started in 1997. It wasn’t until 2009 that we decided to shift focus and dedicate 100% of our efforts on growing to support our clients’ needs. Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Project Support, we do more than just engineering. With our small company size comes fast results and a closer more personalized communication.