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Professional Engineering

With a small house full of Electrical Engineers and a Team to back them up, we can complete large projects in a timely manner and small projects on a tight budget.

With over 30 years of Professional Engineering experience, we’re confident in our work. From small industrial systems to large multi-phase substation engineering, we have done it all with great success. While incorporating all of our other services we can work fast and effectively as a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution.

Transmission and Distribution Line Design

From initial concept conversations in boardrooms to finished design and drawings, we are there with you side by side.

Transmission and distribution line design goes hand in hand with electrical engineering. Our efforts in planning and designing substations have gained new heights with our power line engineering capabilities. We streamline field power development with in-house engineering that starts at the utility service point and heads right down to every last facility and motor. In conjunction with power line engineering, we also head out into the field to assist in planning and construction support. We frequently undertake new objectives and constraints during all phases of a project to ensure that our clients meet their energization deadlines while remaining flexible to oncoming challenges.


To keep costs to a minimum, Electrical Designers take the first steps to getting any project under way.

To help keep costs to a minimum the initial stage of any project is in the designers hands. Coordination with the drafting department is vital for initial creation of drawings while working side by side with engineers and providing assistance to them when necessary. This provides the engineers with a rock solid foundation to work from and reliable support for getting the project completed in time.

Arc-Flash Studies

Whether it's discovering inefficiencies or keeping workers safe, modeling and Arc-Flash studies are always a smart service to choose.

With rules and safety regulations becoming more abundant, it’s number one priority and in the best interest of our clients and their workers to stay as safe as they can. To better understand the dangers surrounding all accessible electrical equipment, an Arc-Flash study may be performed which result in clear and concise Arc-Flash labels that are applied to field equipment.

On site data collection is offered for the initial start of an Arc-Flash study. If you want to get a head start on a future job site with preliminary drawings, we can do that too. Alternatively, if there’s an on-site worker that is able to collect data we can prepare data spreadsheets that will assist them in data recording. We then model this information and start on our analysis. One primary facet of Arc-Flash analysis is the overall protection device coordination. We often find miss-coordinated devices which affect the Arc-Flash results in a major way. We stay connected with the client through to the end and resolve issues before we issue a final report and equipment labels. Typically we can get Arc-Flash danger labels reduced by simply adjusting relay settings or replacing fuses and breakers.

With a good safety training program implemented and used every day alongside the proper response to Arc-Flash labels, safety will be improved in almost any situation.

Device Coordination

We create coordination designs from the ground up or expand on existing systems to keep your investment protected.

We’ve engineered numerous substation and industrial facilities that required from simple to very complex relay coordination schemes. A valuable asset we use during design of protective device coordination is modeling software. Using our Load Flow and Coordination abilities gives an edge to quickly seek out alternative designs and settings. Using this approach, we can simulate dozens of “what if” scenarios in a budget friendly time to help ensure that you’re on the right track to protecting your investment in equipment.

Motor Starting

Starting a large motor isn’t as easy as turning on a switch.

Starting a large motor is a big deal especially on an existing electrical system. Common concerns with voltage drop, power quality and raw throughput of current are examined thoroughly in our Motor Starting studies. Considering the mechanical data mixed in with electrical system data, it gets complicated quick. Taking into account any Utility stipulations that you’re required to follow on start-up, we model your electrical system and mechanical data to analyze for the best startup conditions and configurations. We also consider various Motor Starting conditions such as under voltage buses and secondary system equipment turned on and off during simulation to better understand possible outcomes that you may come across in the future.


Ordering and tracking Materials and Equipment keeps the construction phase of any project on-line and moving fast.

We now offer procurement on projects that require it. Staying on top of equipment and materials is a big task and crucial for the construction phase. In-office and on-site support, we will always find a way to solve every day challenges of tracking down missing supplies or delivering the necessary materials ourselves.

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About Us

Alliance Consulting Engineers initially started in 1997. It wasn’t until 2009 that we decided to shift focus and dedicate 100% of our efforts on growing to support our clients’ needs. Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Project Support, we do more than just engineering. With our small company size comes fast results and a closer more personalized communication.