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Out team brings everything together into one package deal that can solve all of your challenges.

Company Founders

Neil Faber
Neil Faber - CEO & Chief Professional Electrical Engineer

“Technology changes, processes change, engineering standards change...what doesn’t change is my commitment to deliver practical, effective solutions to my client base.”

Neil Faber has been active in the electrical engineering profession for thirty years after a nine year career as an electrical contractor. Neil established Alliance Consulting Engineers in 1997 to focus on flexible and personalized service for his network of clients. During his career, Mr. Faber has been involved in all aspects of electrical engineering, currently specializing in power system design and management, from major industrial to utility applications. As CEO and Principal Engineer, Neil takes charge of office-wide project coordination, budgeting, scheduling, and oversight of procurement efforts He also supplies direction and design review to ensure a quality work product and the fulfillment of the client's needs.

With “nuts and bolts” experience, extensive design and management skills, Mr. Faber works seamlessly with your team members from the field office to the board room.

PE Registrations:
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
Professional Organizations::
  • IEEE

  • 1984: BSEE - South Dakota School of Mines
Debbie Faber
Debbie Faber - Co-Owner & Chief Marketing Head

“Making connections with our clients and our vendors is vital to the team building process.

Working with engineers for twenty-nine years, Debbie Faber has extensive experience in office management, marketing strategy and material preparation. She assists with communication, both within and outside the office.

The Team

Cody Terkhorn - Sr. Electrical Engineer

“Knowledge based design combined with excellent client communication is the key to a successful project.”

Cody has been active in the electrical engineering profession for 12 years. Graduating in 2006 from Rose-Hulman Cody has specialized in electrical building design before working in the substation field. He continued his education and received is Masters in power systems engineer from Colorado State University in 2013. Cody takes charge in heading our major electrical engineering projects consisting of substation engineering, relay protection design, power systems design, scheduling, budgeting, and oversight of procurement.

PE Registrations:
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
Professional Organizations::
  • IEEE

  • 2006: BSEE - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
  • 2013: MSEE – Colorado State University
Jeff Graber - Sr. Design & Modeling Tech

“Mastering technology gives our small company the capabilities of a big company...without the price tag.”

Jeff is Alliance Consulting Engineers’ high voltage system modeler, specializing in substation and relay modeling. He is also lead drafter, meeting the demands of constant updates and revisions. Jeff came to the engineering profession in 2009 through the study of mathematics, and uses these skills in model creation. When he is not modeling or drafting, Jeff is undertaking various company efforts such as network administration, software consulting and website development.

Aubrey Putnam - Procurement, Modeling & Drafting

“Performing procurement, modeling, and drafting tasks side by side give us the ability to perform fast updates which makes a big impact on project efficiency.”

Aubrey keeps all the Accounts Payables and Receivables in order and the files where they belong, as well as assisting technical staff with administrative support. She is a master of CADD and keeps the drafting department running smoothly from project to project. With her ETap and electrical system modeling skills under her belt, our capabilities have leaped to a greater heigth.

Matt Faber - Inventory & Drafter

"Efficient and careful drafting ensures accurate drawings with a fast turnaround."

Matt joined our team in 2013 which makes him our newest member. He provides drafting services and material procurement services. He is happiest out in the field checking on material deliveries and overseeing field testing of equipment.

Theresa Heryla - Administrative Coordinator

“Organizing and streamlining our office systems and processes supports the work flow for the entire office.”

Theresa also keeps all the Accounts Payables and Receivables in order and the files wherh administrative support and drafting. Theresa often performs reception duties and cheerfully jumps in whenever anyone needs a hand. She is a master of organization and keeps the office on-task.

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         Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
  •   970.484.3950

About Us

Alliance Consulting Engineers initially started in 1997. It wasn’t until 2009 that we decided to shift focus and dedicate 100% of our efforts on growing to support our clients’ needs. Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Project Support, we do more than just engineering. With our small company size comes fast results and a closer more personalized communication.